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The Sincerity Project

Team Sunshine Performance Corporation

Thur, Dec 4 – Sun, Dec 14

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA


Wheelchair Accessible

Drop the act.

Enter the Circle of Sincerity and let’s be real for a moment. We’ll tackle loss, sex, death, and we’ll eat ice cream. We’ll compete in a tug-of-war and hear a live choir.

The Sincerity Project is an “anti-play” that takes the idea of a heart-to-heart conversation and explodes it into a theatrical derby of hilarious, ecstatic, and unconventional vulnerability. Seven performers engage in a contemporary ritual of memory and forecasting, tracking time through first-person storytelling, performance art, physical theatre, music and dance.

The start of a grand journey.
This is the first of 13 iterations of The Sincerity Project, with each subsequent installment presented every two years for the next 24 years. The seven actors will perform the same rituals in the show at different stages of their lives, piecing together a quilt of real moments, memories, and predictions for the future.

Be there from the beginning.

For mature audiences.


Directed by Alex Torra and featuring Aram Aghazarian, Benjamin Camp, Rachel Camp, Makoto Hirano, Jenna Horton, Melissa Krodman, and Mark McCloughan.

Developed in part through a residency at FringeArts and shown in progress at FringeArts and First Person Arts RAW.

Recommended ticket price: $30.

Photos by Jen Cleary.

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