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The Soundproof Room

The Soundproof Room

Sept 12 - 13 2016

Runtime TBA


Hamilton Family Arts Center – Arden TheatreMap

the soundproof room

Photo: Jorge Cortez

Co-create the soundscape of your life. A playful, evocative musical journey inspired by shamanic traditions and remixed for a modern, existentialist audience. Hear your stories told through an engaging a blend of sound healing, voice improvisation, and playback theater. Promising “zero-to-music” in sixty seconds or less.

$15 / 90 minutes

The Soundproof Room is a voice improvisation and sound healing troupe. We were originally founded in Berkeley, CA, and we how hold events in Philadelphia. For “class” events, we welcome all people, from professionally trained singers to total beginners, to join in the fun. For “troupe” events, we have gathered a tribe of experienced singers, voice-workers and sound healers to perform together this year at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Our goals are to connect as a community, find healing through music, expand ourselves personally, and to enjoy playing with sound. At the Soundproof Room we make music on the spot. That means, every week is a little bit different. What happens depends a lot on who shows up.

What I CAN promise is that we will follow these basic ground rules:
• We use only voice in our improvisation. Because everybody has a voice, everyone is considered an equal player.
• We are curious about our own voices (how they sound, what they can do) and we explore what’s possible, rather than judge good, bad, right or wrong.
• We respect one another. We listen to one another. We collaborate.
• We don’t compare ourselves to others. Rather we celebrate what we enjoyed about each composition, and each person’s contribution, especially our own.
• We believe in the healing power of sound vibration. We use sound to express our feelings, empathize with one another, and unlock our potential.
• We welcome all kinds of emotions and expressions (except for those that may offend others in the group).
• We try new things that we’ve never tried before, and hold space for one another to grow. We believe that music is healing… and that everyone should have a voice.

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