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The Storytellers

Joy Madden

September 23 at 8:00pm

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Choreographer Joy Madden and a spirited company of dancers weave together dance, music, and storytelling to tell the beguiling tale of heartbreak, humor, and overcrowding in an Irish Catholic family.


Joy Madden and her company of Vermont-based dancers have created an evening of dance and storytelling. “The Storytellers is a weaving together of dance, music, and spoken word. As part of a second generation Irish American family, I grew up immersed in storytelling. Every family gathering is spent endlessly telling stories. Almost everything is told with humor, no matter how unfunny the original circumstances. This trait stands out as the one for which I am most grateful, finding the humor in the heartbreak by telling a story about it. For the past year I have been recording my family‚Äôs stories, adding many of my own, and working with dancers to express all of this through our shared mode of communication, dance.”


Madden is a movement-based artist. Her background in visual arts has had a powerful influence on her work in dance. Madden’s choreography has been presented throughout the US and in Edinburgh, Scotland.


$15 / 60 minutes


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