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Events The Vulgar Early Works

The Vulgar Early Works

Chelsea & Magda

Thu, Feb 19–Sat, Feb 21

Runtime TBA



Wheelchair Accessible

Studio Series: works made for intimate spaces.

They’re not waiting thirty years to unearth their early works. They decided to do so now. It is time.

An evening-length concert of self-love, subversive humor, feminist spit, sexual-angst-ridden cries against society gloriously performed in an abstract-theater-meets-TED-Talk-meets-modern-dance-meets-weird-therapeutic-seminar kind of way.

The dynamic Philly-based dance and performance art duo Chelsea & Magda began creating work together in 2012, while studying at the Headlong Performance Institute in Philadelphia. Their first piece together, Rooster&Snowball was presented through Jumpstart at FringeArts, The Performance Mix Festival, and DanceNOW at Joe’s Pub, where it was the Challenge Winner of the night. Their second collaborative duet Singer/Songwriter was presented by ThirdBird at the Christ Church Neighborhood House and DanceNOW at Joe’s Pub.

“The discovery of the evening, for me, was the zany duo of Chelsea Murphy and Magda San Millan.” –Brian Seibert, The New York Times

“We are very playful. We believe almost religiously in laughing at each other and ourselves as a way to name our habits and find our fascinations. Laughter is a brake that says: stop for a second, the way you did that last thing was so strange and wonderful.” –Magda San Millan of Chelsea & Magda

Photos: Josh McIlvain

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