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Theater Artists Play

Barbara L. Gregson

Sep 14-16 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Gwendolyn Bye Dance CenterMap

Don’t wait to be discovered! Discover yourself in the Theater Artists Play Workshop, directed by author and theater artist Barbara Gregson. In this three-hour interactive workshop you will learn how to bring your ideas and creativity to the stage, using masks, mime, voice improvs, and more. All genres of artists welcome!

$25 / 180 minutes





Don’t wait to be Discovered! Discover yourself ! with Theater Artists Play, Theater Workshop,(based on the book by Barbara L. Gregson, “Theater Artists Play”). Tap into your ancient, Shaman, Storyteller, Theater Artist roots and Join us for this fun, super creative theater workshop! Ms. Gregson will share with you some of her favorite, accessible and useful theater techniques from the ancient theater traditions of mime, mask performance, and storytelling. Ms. Gregson has 45 years of experience working as a theater artist. She studied theater with master artists teachers in Europe and the US, eventually developing her own style of performing and writing her own theater work. Bring an original story or classic to work with during the workshop or we’ll give you one. Wear comfortable clothes and be ready to move! All levels of experience and expertise welcome.

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