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Then Athena

Allentown Public Theatre

Sept 9—11 2016

Runtime TBA


Louis Bluver Theatre at the DrakeMap

Then Athena_Allentown Public TheatreFour infantrywomen marooned in an Afghani minefield. A supervillianess bent on world domination. A Revolutionary War hero who’s secretly a heroine.  A Texas housewife on the edge of Apocalypse. APT presents the world premiere of Then Athena, a fantasia of four women voyaging deep into myths of  gender and warfare.

$20 / 90 minutes

then athena press photoAllentown Public Theatre (APT) was founded in 2008 with the goal of serving both local, Allentown artists and the residents of downtown Allentown by bringing high-quality, accessible and inclusive theatrical workshops, classes and performances to those who may not experience those opportunities otherwise. The company began its existence with two projects that exemplify the scope of our focus: El Coqui, an outdoor show in the very heart of downtown Allentown, which brought traditional Puerto Rican folktales to life in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood, and Hamlet: a Rock Opera, which set Shakespeare’s classic to a Pink Floyd soundtrack and commented on the fascist elements present in the original play. Since then, APT has continued to prioritize connection with local artists and residents, as well as support for highly artistic, relevant work.

With annual summer children’s programming, free workshops for kids, and our aftthen athena press photo 2er school program Page to Stage, the company hopes to expand the artistic horizons of our younger residents. With our annual, collaborative arts series focussed on issues of racial understanding Voices of Conscience, our year-long Theatre Cafe play-reading series, and our commitment to the creation of provocative and meaningful main-stage productions, APT works to expand the horizons of local artists and audiences alike with thought-provoking experiences that “make people talk.” It is our belief that theatre can be a bridge between all people, and that everyone deserves to see themselves and their realities reflected on stage. Allentown Public Theatre seeks to extend this experience to those in downtown Allentown.



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