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Events They'll Be Callin' Us Witches

They’ll Be Callin’ Us Witches

Queen Mab's Men

Sept 10-15 2016

Runtime TBA


Arden TheatreMap

WitchThreeEAbigail craves love, Mercy wants fire, and Tituba needs to open a closed door. With Lizzie and Mary, sisters wrecked by disease and misfortune, they will steer their lives off a cliff. This enthralling original work gleefully pushes past moral bounds into a world of devilry and dark delight. Salem will burn with their broken promises.

$10 / 60 minutes





Written by: Molly Lang
Directed by: Pati Amoroso
Cast: Terilyn Eisenhauer
Lizzie Kehoe
Anna Clare Kerr
Molly Lang
Sierra Leverett



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