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Events Three Sisters and a Wolf

Three Sisters and a Wolf

Wee Keep Company

Sep 5 - 13 2015

Runtime TBA


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Wheelchair Accessible


Three Sisters and a Wolf_Wee Keep Company“No one wants to love the ordinary people in us.”—Anton Chekhov. Sisters, dancers, singers, clingers, sexpots, introverts, dreamers, binge eaters. Our performance is a montage of real and imagined memories from, and responses to, experimental Chekhov in Lancaster County. In love, theater, and farmland: wolves wait.
$10 / 55 minutes

Wee Keep Company is a collection of thoughts, ideas, and creative projects in process. Organized by Landon Rabern (graph theory scholar) and Rachel Anderson-Rabern (theatre artist/scholar), we are interested in creating theatrical and mathematical – and sometimes interdisciplinary – work that drives thinking and making forward in our respective fields. We believe that space and time to think and create collaboratively with others is essential, and we assume that the best ideas come from many minds. We investigate models of collective creation, and levy our explorations toward thinking, playing, and making in the company of others. Wee Keep currently resides in Lancaster, PA, where our research and production intersects with our work with our students at Franklin and Marshall College. We are committed to establishing an independent space, outside of an urban center, where artists and scholars interested in collaboration can retreat (for free) to focus on their respective projects. This wee keep will open towards the end of 2016. Three Sisters and a Wolf is a meditation on Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, featuring dancer Pamela Vail, and actors/musicians: Holly Andrew, Charlotte Brooks, Amanda Schumacher.


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