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Tongue & Groove

Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theater

September 23 at 5:00pm

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Inspired by personal information anonymously submitted by the audience, this Fringe-favorite ensemble instantly creates a montage of hilarious and heartbreaking scenes and monologues!

 For their 10th anniversary season, T&G turns the tables: instead of asking you to provide the answers, now it’s your turn to pose the questions!
What question has been on your mind lately?
Personal or global, emotional or intellectual, mundane or spiritual….

Submit your question pre-show; T&G then uses your personal queries for their spontaneous exploration of relationships and the human experience.

Every performance reflects the unique personality of that show’s audience; each T&G show has never been seen before, and will never be seen again.

For more information:

For exceptional unscripted theater, put your questions in T&G’s hands!

Learn more about this show from T&G’s Founder and Artistic Director Bobbi Block over at the FringeArts blog.

Check out the Broad Street Review’s coverage of the show here!

 $18 / 65 minutes


Tongue & Groove just celebrated our Ten Year Anniversary! T&G is inspired by several forms of theater including long and short-form improv, Playback Theater, the Interactive Theater of Jeff Wirth, and the incomparable improvised plays performed by TJ & Dave. We have a unique company of actors-who-improvise and improvisers-who-act, who strive to create theater that elevates the power of spontaneous creation. Over the years, we’ve honed our signature style of serio-comic, realism-based “Actors’ Improv,” and have created fifteen original shows. We’ve performed all around Philadelphia in theaters and colleges, and garnered critical acclaim. The ensemble has become highly comfortable in our physical and emotional work, and has grown seamlessly connected (as our name implies). Artistic Director Bobbi Block has taught Actors’ Improv in Europe, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia, and the Tongue & Groove format has been performed in Rio, Holland, and New Zealand!

“I wish I could conceive dramatic situations and genuine dialogue that’s a tenth as incisive and moving as a typical T&G show.” Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review

“Dazzling.” The Philadelphia Inquirer 

“Hilarious . . . and fearless.” Philly Weekly

“Acted with soul-baring sincerity, intelligence, and humor. Go see this!” City Paper

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