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Trashbot (Aysha Hamouda, Sarah Finn + Garvis-Giovanni Deval)

September 12-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

20 minutes

Pass the Hat


/We finally found her, in the darkness of a dirt road. We almost hit her/.

The journey to a cyborg deity via randomly accessed memories, #trash, and a techno-spiritual shed-hunting.

TRASHBOT is seen from the eye of The Researcher, who, determined to uncover the truth behind a local lore, sets out to trace, map, and record her origins and the collective history she carries within her. As the search deepens, the Researcher’s own histories begin to emerge and mutate, spiraling both hunter and hunted into unchartered wilderness.

TRASHBOT is a new video work of contemporary mythology that contemplates memory storage, obsolescence and the embedded algorithms of our cross-temporal bodies. A virtual world premiere by a new collaborative trio consisting of visual artist Aysha Hamouda, and performance-based artists Sarah Finn and Garvis-Giovanni Deval, for their first Philadelphia Fringe.

What if our personal and technological pollution are shared seeds to a collective transcendence? What do we do with all this memory, folded within each other in this seemingly limitless storage container? Where do our files merge, entangle and root? “What might be learned from personal and political ‘technological’ pollution?” -Donna Harraway, A Cyborg Manifesto

“It is as if you have two distinct bodies. You have an individual body in which you exist, eat, sleep and go about your day to day life. You also have a second body which has an impact on foreign countries and whales.” -Daisy, Hildyard, The Second Body.

Follow this link to view, available beginning September 12th. A separate captioned version will be available during the second week of the Fringe Festival. Recommended for ages 13+. Contains some imagery suggestive of deer hunting as well as strobe lights.
This work is free to watch on Vimeo, but if you’re able, please consider supporting us: venmo @Sarah-Finn-19. Any donations will be split among the three collaborators who have funded the making of this project themselves. Thank you for your support! Get in touch with us @trashbotofficial on Instagram, & if you like what you see, please spread the word!


Available Anytime on Vimeo


Free to view on Vimeo

Pass the Hat donations encouraged

Donations accepted on Venmo: @Sarah-Finn-19

About the Artists

Trashbot is composed of Aysha Hamouda, Sarah Finn and Garvis-Giovanni Deval.

Aysha Hamouda investigates collective dissociation through installation and multimedia based works. Her most recent series, Behind the Screen actualizes the virtual in order to examine the threading of information networks within the Post-Fact era. Through the conceptualization of a world on the other side of the screen, Hamouda reflects upon illusionary structures and what makes them real. She is part of Wavelength Reset, an international platform and traveling exhibition based in Shanghai, China, where her latest works have been exhibited at Times Art Museum in Beijing and Artron Museum in Shenzhen. Hamouda’s installation Each Body — A Vertiginous house was selected for the 2019 Spring Break Art Show, Fact and Fiction, in New York. She received her MFA degree in Studio Arts at Syracuse University.

Sarah Finn is a physical theater maker and performer. Her work has been seen internationally at the 2019 Prague Fringe Festival and the Ponderosa Tanzland Festival in Stolzenhagen, Germany; as well as various venues in New York including The Tank, The Hudson Guild Theater, Cloud City, and Movement Research. In 2019, she was a resident artist at the Barn Arts Collective and The Cannery. Her created work is highly physical, collaborative and interdisciplinary, with elements of clown, absurd dialogue and collaged media. In 2018, she was shortlisted for The Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers for her play, In the woods where the men work. She trained at Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France and got her BA from Sarah Lawrence College.

Garvis-Giovanni DeVal is an interdisciplinary artist who creates, directs, and designs performance-based work. His light, sound, and multimedia designs have exhibited at La MaMa’s Puppet Festival, The Tank, Single Carrot Theatre, and The Hear Her Call Women’s Theatre Festival. His favorite directing projects are Reasons for Return at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s play incubator, METLab, and The Fun Company’sAmazing Interactive Adventure II, a metatheatrical children’s theatre production.  Giovanni was the lead collaborator and producer of Crab Over Turkey, a devised sketch show in partnership with The Baltimore Improv Group and Temple of Improv. Giovanni studied Theatre and Psychology at Hood College and holds an MFA in Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College.

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