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Bent Antennae Productions

September 22 at 7:00pm

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

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Congratulations, you’ve been selected to appear in the studio audience for a brand-new reality competition: Triage! Watch our contestants Beth and Chris sing, solve, seduce, and strut their way to the grand prize.So brush up on alternative-truth trivia and escape that bunker; it’s time to Get This Mess Sorted!™

Bent Antennae Productions develops new and original performances that examine how the media we consume intersects with the lives we live. We delight in adding a dash of low brow into high art. We think our name captures what we’re about — imagine an old TV set, that still get picture and sound, but it’s a bit distorted.

We use familiar images and themes, but transform them into something that’s a bit … off. Triage is an immersive, audience participatory game show. The two brave contestants for the Philadelphia run are Beth Geatches and Chris Leone. Beth hails from Oklahoma, and is getting her masters at Carnegie Mellon. Chris is a “professional problem solver” based in Pittsburgh. Musical accompaniment performed by Nick Stamatakis.





$15 / 70 minutes


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