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Events Tribute to 70's rock artists

Tribute to 70’s rock artists

Rock on Pointe Dance Company

September 9 at 8:00pm

Runtime TBA

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Rock on Pointe Dance Company puts music from the 1970s on pointe. We will dance, en pointe, to songs by Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, Ambrosia and more. Complimentary “Sweet Cherry Wine” (is that part of a song?) toast for anyone over 21. Come join us for a great evening.

$23 / 90 minutes

Rock on Pointe Dance Company puts the music from the 1970s and 1980’s on pointe (as in ballet shoes). The musical artists from the 1970’s had the courage to break through barriers. These artists put the causes of humanity – antiwar, antipoverty, social injustice in their music. These are the artists whose insights and courage changed the course of musical history. Putting their music to dance preserves the music in another artistic genre, bringing this music to current and future generations and at the same time brings ballet to those who cherish this music and do not often attend live dance performances.



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