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Two Stories

Jillian Glace

Sept 9—10 2016

Runtime TBA

$12 – $16

The Maas BuildingMap


Amanda Falivene -Rocco, Two Stories, Casey Clemetsen Photography

Amanda Falivene-Rocco, Two Stories, Casey Clemetsen Photography

Site-specific dance piece set at an enchanting city cottage invites audience into the rooms and intimate spaces where relationships begin and end, opening the window between voyeur and witness. Each space offers fragments of truth through the dances of love and loss, eternally shifting within the confines of perspective.

$16 Indoor Cottage Space & Outside Garden Space Viewing; $12 Outside Garden Space Viewing Only / 60 minutes

***Note to Audience: This venue is a restored, small cottage space with authentic barn/loft steep staircase. Please be aware if purchasing $16 inside cottage space tickets you will be sitting on floor at times and will use the steep staircase to travel between upper and lower levels of cottage. If you are not able or not comfortable with this option, please feel free to purchase the $12 garden viewing ticket which offers more expanded room with chairs and benches in outside patio/garden. For any questions, concerns, or additional accommodations please e-mail


Amanda Falivene-Rocco, Two Stories, Casey Clemetsen Photography


Philadelphia based dance/movement therapists, Jillian Glace and Amanda Falivene-Rocco return to their choreography and performance roots to explore both the inter and intra personal landscape of the psyche and soma in relationship to love and loss of self and other. Former Philly Fringe credits include collaboration in a 2011 full length dance production as part of Out on a Limb Movement Collective comprised of dance/movement therapy students from Drexel University.


Amanda Falivene-Rocco, Two Stories, Casey Clemetsen Photography

Glace and Falivene-Rocco’s 2016 Fringe showcase consists of a site-specific dance piece where the audience is welcomed into both the interior rooms and exterior garden space of an authentic cottage home at the Maas Building property. Audience will watch the ending of a relationship from both partners’ perspective, and will be able to choose which space and from which performer’s experience they begin their viewership. A limited amount of tickets are available granting access not only to the garden area, but the interior rooms of the cottage where audience will share close space with the dancers. Increased amount of general admission tickets are available to watch performance from the outer garden space only, providing more distance from the dancers and their story. Both spectator experiences offer varying pieces of the truth, intended to evoke and mirror the mass of emotions that are born from the end of love, including: perception, confusion, completion, acceptance of the unknown, and a profound discovery of or return to self. By inviting the audience into the intimate spaces where relationships begin and end, creators are asking each viewer to explore the emotional space between irreverent voyeur and sacred witness. It is each audience member’s choice how intimately they wish to experience the performance, as it is always our choice how closely we engage in relationships; how much we reveal or conceal of ourselves and our vulnerability, and how much we allow ourselves to bear witness to the vulnerability of another.

Invaluable contributing artists and production crew include lead male dancer Lavise Lowery, photographers Casey Clemetsen and Jennifer Quevedo, and lighting designer Allison Emmerich, who will highlight the story within the movement, illuminating both the individual and partnered dances of love and loss of self and other.

Because of the show case/work in progress nature of this project, audience is invited to attend a first come first serve free open dress rehearsal on Wednesday September 7th, 8:00 pm at the Maas Building. Audience feedback and discussion with complimentary wine reception to follow.

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