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Ubu Faust

Broderick Jones with Leila and Pantea Productions

September 23 at 9:30pm

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

Proscenium Theatre at The DrakeMap

Ubu assumes the role of Faust in this raucous, rapid-fire puppet comedy. Inspired by the plays of Alfred Jarry, the legends of Faust, and the traditions of Punch and Judy, Ubu Faust is a satirical exploration of a most grotesque and unlikable man and the lengths to which he’ll go to satisfy his many hungers. Well, two. Two hungers. He really only has the two.

Contains boorish villainy, laughable special effects, gratuitous wordplay, and puppet sexuality. Minimal audience participation. Except in one bit. Well, three. Three bits. But they’re simple. And relatively painless.

“Jones’s jokes are light-hearted and intelligent; his interactions as engaging as the traditional seaside kids show. If you might like watching a puppet fuck a cardboard cutout of Julia Styles, you might like this play.” – Phindie

For the full review go here!

$8 / 35 minutes

Created and performed by Broderick Jones

Produced by Leila and Pantea Productions

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