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Arielle Pina

Sept 11 - 13 2015

Runtime TBA


Shiloh Baptist ChurchMap


UNARMED_Arielle PinaOur American flesh is bound with historical stains. Five bodies create a mirror and reflect America’s failure to confront racism and the irreversible cultural divide. This multidimensional performance peers into the universal Black Soul.
$15 / 50 minutes


Arielle Pina is a Philly based artist who sometimes makes film, photo, and dance. Her curiosity about where multiple disciplines meet, drives her to collaborate with other artists, making for multi-dimensional, textured creations. Her creative process is a self exploration of an inherent knowing in my implicated body: an American, woman, patriotic, black body. She transposes her experiences to highlight difference in an effort for it to be embraced, shared, and KNOWN.

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UNARMED: Realizing Race and Racism by Courtney Lau, FringeArts Blog

Bodies reflect history. They carry remnants of slavery, disintegrated yet still existing walls of segregation, and the weight of World Wars in their bones and postures. “Before we even get to move, the bodies just existing together in space is getting at American politics,” says choreographer Arielle Pina

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