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Untitled Bizzarro Bill Project

Bizzarro Bill

September 10-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

27 minutes



Closed Captioning

The Untitled Bizzarro Bill Project stage show is an epic performance bringing many genres on stage. A wild ride through many aspects of Performance, from Comedy Improv, to Music, to Poetry, to Martial Arts, to Stand-Up Comedy, to Motivational Speech, to Spoken Word.

Like one of those paintings where one person sees a young women and another sees an older woman, The Untitled Bizzarro Bill stage show brings the opportunity for different viewers to experience different experiences from the show. What will you see?

Streaming on Youtube. Closed Captioning available via YouTube.

Appropriate for all ages.


Available Anytime on YouTube


Free to View on YouTube

About the Artists

Bizzarro Bill, a Martial Artist, Comedian, Musician, Actor, and Poet from Philadelphia, brings a surreal brand of humor. No curses or explicit material, just a surreal brand of humor that words cannot properly describe. Bizzarro Bill’s goal in performing is to Kiddushe Hashem (Sanctify the Name of G-d) and bring Simcha (Joy) to the people. You will likely react to what you see, but how you react is the mystery.

The best way to describe Bizzarro Bill’s brand of Performance is to say that Bizzarro Bill can only see good. What if you humbly believed you were good at everything you did? What if you had no concept of someone not liking your Performance? What if you tried without the fear of succeeding? Then you have it.

Bizzarro Bill’s Comedy Special, Stand Up Comedy, can be seen on Prime Video. Bizzarro Bill’s music can be heard on Apple Music, Amazon Music, in addition to other places. Bizzarro Bill’s Web Channel can be found on YouTube. Bizzarro Bill’s website can be found at


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