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Jon & Marissa Edelman / Philly Improv Theater

In Clear Springs, the mayor’s daughter is found dead, hit by a train. The local police accuse Ivo Talaka, a recent immigrant from Villainia, of her murder. During Ivo’s explosive trial, the prosecution and defense debate ideas of law, order, justice, and what it means to be a true American.

$15 / 80 minutes




Written and directed by Jon and Marissa Edelman.

Featuring: Carolyn Beatty, Scott Campbell, Sarah Clemency, Nick Elmer, Dan Faro, Francesca Fortunato, Bobby Hayes, Russell Imwold, Drew Klemens, Olivia Kram, Benjamin Kuss, Steve Norris, Jack Presby, Pat Reber, Taylor Rouillard , Molly Scullion, CD Schultz, Teyquil Skelton, Joe Tuzzi, and Andrew Whitehead.

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