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Vonzy Hall

Evelyn Swift Shuker

September 5-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

8 hours

Pass the Hat


This is a play that takes place in dreams. You put on your pajamas, you turn on the livestream (earbuds are recommended), and you fall asleep for the night. As you sleep, I read to you, guiding you on a journey through the city of Ravicka. Late in the night, everyone listening will collect at Vonzy Hall, the august recital hall in the center of the untranslatable city. Apart from each other in space, you will meet in the same place in your dreams.

The city of Ravicka is a creation of the wonderful author Renee Gladman, who has graciously allowed me to read from her books Event Factory, The Ravickians, and Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge. Ravicka is a surreal city in a quiet crisis of isolation. The streets are emptier, the citizens talk to each other less, but their interactions are more intimate for it. A strange yellow haze fills the air. The city, and the city’s language and norms, are governed by a dream-logic, which is perfectly clear inside the dream, but remains impossible to translate to outsiders.

So, a walk through a strange and beautiful metropolis, a meeting with other dreamers, and gentle nudges into a state of lucid dreaming. The text will contain nothing inappropriate, and no emotion more painful than melancholy. It is my intention to take care of you in this journey. The text is a melding of Gladman’s prose and my own additions and guidance. The performance is free and open to all.

Please Note: this show contains brief graphic language. Recommended for ages 13+.


Saturday, Sept 5 at 11pm
Saturday, Sept 19 at 11pm
Saturday, Oct 3 at 11pm


Free, Pass the Hat donations encouraged

About the Artists

Evelyn Shuker is a performance artist and writer in Philadelphia.
Renee Gladman is a writer, poet, and artist in New England.

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