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Walk to Topaz

Brendan Tetsuo

Sept 19 - 23 2016

Runtime TBA


Mascher Space CooperativeMap

Pictured: Brendan Tetsuo Credit: Marc and Stephanie Crousillat

Like a pebble dropped into a pond, this work begins with a reimagining of a young person’s walk into a Japanese Internment Camp. It then ripples outward exploring how this event impacts the lives of the succeeding generations, as they try to comprehend the weight of this experience on their existence and identity.

$12 / 45 minutes

Brendan Tetsuo is a dancer and artist living in Philadelphia He is a current member of Mascher Space Co-Op, where he is working on his personal performance practice, strongly influenced by his time earning his BFA (’14) in Modern Dance at The University of the Arts. His work has been shown in Belgium, France, Israel, and New York. Outside of his personal work, he works freelance with local artists, both in dance and fine arts. He continues to work closely with professors Katie Swords and Jesse Zaritt at The University of the Arts and is a contributor in Phindie, an online dance and theatre journal.



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