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Watershed Collective

Saturday, September 19

2020 Fringe Festival

45 minutes

$5 – $20


Watershed is built on developing an embodied understanding of a watershed and our place in the natural world. This film created on Zoom is an extension of this work.

Concepts informing Watershed:
– Getting caught in repetitive cycles: swirling motion of an eddy in a stream
– My actions affect others: ripples in the water
– What we carry: water picking up debris and pollutants
– What we let go: water settling into the soil and releasing sediment, excess nutrients and ultimately rejuvenating, being naturally purified
– I yield: the water’s pathway is shaped by what it encounters in the land
– I stand: over time, water shapes the land

This presentation of Watershed has four parts. It opens with a reading of the dance film text, proceeds to the film screening, and then continues with an interactive invitation for the audience to try one of the movement concepts underpinning the work together with the performers. The presentation closes with a facilitated discussion led by A.T. Moffett and Science Dramaturge Dr. Jamē McCray about associations with the work and ways to connect dance with lived experiences as well as scientific content.


Recommended for 7+.


Saturday, Sept 19 at 2pm & 8pm


Pay What You Can $5–20

About the Artists

Choreography: A.T. Moffett, Anna Gjertsen, Eisa Jackson, Marcie Mamura, & Jamē McCray

Music: Mike Wall & David Horton

Text: Tiffany Jackson with excerpts from Diana Hartel’s Watershed Redemption

Video & Photography: Tom Davis & Mandy Haslam

Video production: A.T. Moffett

The Watershed Collective is a project-based performance group comprised of dance artist/educators Eisa Jackson, Marcie Mamura, A.T. Moffett, psychological scientist Anna Gjertsen, & environmental social scientist Dr. Jamē McCray. For one year, the Watershed Collective has explored watershed as both an ecological phenomenon and a turning point in life. Together they have created a series of choreographic works, video, and community engagement workshops for participation in artistic, environmental, and community spaces.

Make a donation to The Watershed Collective to on PayPal to support the work.

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