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Wedgwood on the Green

Drip Symphony

Sept 21-23

Runtime TBA

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Skinner Studio at Plays & Players TheatreMap

A story in light and sound. A performance in and out of the round. Follow a young man up the fire escape, through the sliding glass doors, to a world where curiosity consumes innocence, where friendships crystallize in the pressure of responsibility and misfortune. Drip Symphony debuts with Wedgwood on the Green.

$15 / 60 minutes

“Wedgwood on the Green” was originally published in the 2013 issue of Underground Pool, the University of the Arts’ annual publication of short stories and poems. It was conceived and written by Nick Schwasman, and penned during his final days of undergrad. A poetic memoir, “Wedgwood” reflected on his adolescent days spent among an ambitious group of friends who hungered for escape from the confines of their suburban lives. Together, they confronted the harsh realities of the freedom they recklessly sought, the dangers of substance abuse, and that complicated, sometimes toxic idea, manhood.

In 2015, Nick joined forces with long-time collaborator Nate Barnett to translate the story into a live radio play, which they premiered in the 2015 Solow Festival. They created musical underscoring, original songs, arrangements, and live sound effects to accompany a reading of the story. The audience was encouraged to wear eye covers to enhance the auditory experience.

This September, Drip Symphony presents a fully-realized Wedgwood on the Green to an audience of 25, seated in a circle of swivel chairs. Immersed in this world, its details appear all around as the story is brought to life. Audience members are free to turn in their chairs and choose what they do and do not see.

This show is developed through a unique style of collaboration, bringing together a diverse group of artists whose contributions have provided the rich layers of its design. Together they explore storytelling through puppetry, sculpture, music, sound, and light.


Drip Symphony is a live performance company that brings together diverse artists committed to creating new, engaging art. These artists fuse experimental practices with established technique to make innovative performance for a modern audience.

Drip Symphony is co-directed by Nick Schwasman and Nate Barnett.








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