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When Sounds Collide…

Fuse Vox featuring guest performance by The Arc Divers

Sept 10 2016

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Fuse Vox 1WHEN SOUNDS COLLIDE  – A musical experience featuring the compositions, far reaching guitar and electronics of Jeff Monjack and the soaring vocals and keyboard antics of soprano Valerie Gay. Bringing their experiences in Blues, Classical, Acid Jazz, Pop, Country, Gospel and Experimental music this eclectic duo is known as FUSE VOX.  As our society becomes more and more splintered into boxes/categories, FUSE VOX comes together to make music across categories helping themselves and their audiences listen without those boxes so that we all might better move through the world.  Jeff and Val’s deep commitment to social justice drives their music and their perspicacious wit completes the delivery.  Heralded at the Outsiders Festival, FUSE VOX invites the audience on a memorable phantasmagoric groovy ride.


$15 / 50 minutes


Arc DiversSince 2012, Arc Divers has been creating quite the buzz in their hometown of Philadelphia. The band is fronted by the magnetic singer/songwriter Emily Ana Zeitlyn (formerly of the Weeds), flanked by the powerhouse rhythm section of Thomas Bendel (drums), Ross Bellenoit (guitar) and Todd Erk (bass). Zeitlyn's songs are painted with a sort of 21st century psychedelic brush. The band frames these songs with vibrant colors and edgy rhythms. Their performance is bound to woo hearts and seduce imagination.


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