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Whine & Waffles

Messy Confidence Productions

September 5, 12, 13 + 19, 2019

2019 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA

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Inspire Art SpaceMap

Wheelchair Accessible

September 5, 12, 13 + 19, 2019

Ti likes Jo, Jo likes drugs, Lionel hates work, and Janelle hates Lionel. Watch these twenty-somethings tackle clubs, drugs, and insecurities in a city where dancing strangers become fast friends. But can their wine-induced whine sessions handle the gay crushes, foul language, failures to love … and ghosts?

$15 / 100 minutes

Messy Confidence Productions is the brainchild of playwright/director Devin Randall. As a child, Devin’s first lesson on a bike was being pushed down a hill and tumbling towards a busy street. He fell, cut his knee, and never touched a bike for 10+ years. But while on a trip to Key West, and after finding his name added to a bike tour, Devin broke that streak. The following ride was chaotic, messy, and maybe a little embarrassing, but Devin made it out with a smile on his face. And now, Devin Randall is applying that Messy Confidence to his theater craft. He dares to create fun, chaotic displays of theater with confidence and bravery because he doesn’t want to spend 10+ years avoiding something so lovely. And in doing so, he hopes to present speculative fiction that smashes together the magical innocence of youth with the messy realities of adulthood to queer people of color and their diverse allies.

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