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Postponed: The Wig Wag Workshop: Exploring Voice

Emily Bate

April 20-April 22

2020 High Pressure Fire Service

2 hours

$15 – $30


Wheelchair Accessible

How does it feel to sing? 

Led by composer, theater maker, and choral music conductor Emily Bate, this two-part workshop offers participants new ways to engage with the anatomy of the voice, and dig into the physical sensations produced by singing. Designed for every voice—from the seasoned choir member to enthusiastic shower singers and those who’ve been told they “can’t sing”—the Wig Wag Workshop explores the literal and figurative impacts of “resonance,” seeking both palpable vibrations in our bodies, and more information about the complex ways we emotionally relate to our voices.

No singing experience required. Expect singing mad-libs, vocal warm-ups, simple rounds, free improvisation, group discussion, and experiential anatomy lessons. Each workshop session lasts two hours and will focus on unique material. Participants are invited to attend one or both sessions and will receive supplementary audio tracks to deepen their singing practice at home.

This workshop riffs on the questions and curiosities driving the research for Wig Wag, a full-length theater piece Emily Bate developed through a Camp Fringe residency at FringeArts in 2019. Wig Wag unfolds as a secular “church service” that uses group singing, group text recitation, and music performed by a vocal quartet to explore the tension and pleasure of co-existing with others. This workshop will use elements of Wig Wag as a jumping-off point for personal and communal exploration.


This event has been postponed due to ongoing public health concerns.


$30 2-Session Workshop Admission
$20 Single Workshop Admission
$15 students/25-and-under
$2 FringeACCESS
Member discounts available


Emily Bate developed material for the Wig Wag Workshops through the Camp Fringe residency supported by Independence Foundation.

About Emily Bate

Emily Bate is a harmony fanatic, obsessed with cooking up voice sounds with people in the seething soup of humanity. This manifests in a wide variety of disciplines (music performance, theater, film, performance art, social practice) and roles (composer, vocalist, arranger, conductor, facilitator, performer).

Emily founded and conducts a 65-member queer community chorus called Trust Your Moves, which focuses on new work by Philadelphians. Since its founding in 2018, TYM has commissioned half a dozen original works from a variety of LGBTQ composers in Philadelphia. Trust Your Moves’ Ancestors Project is an ongoing research & performance work that situates Trust Your Moves within a legacy of other similar groups across region and history, and brings the work of queer elders and ancestors into the present.

Other recent projects include: the score for the film Queer Genius by Catherine Pancake; several shows with frequent collaborator Erin Markey, including the anarcho-musical A Ride on the Irish Cream, featuring “accessible, often punchy pop-rock” (New York Times), and “soaring musical numbers” (Artforum) that were “startlingly gorgeous, and packed with heavenly harmonies” (New York Post); and a composing collaboration with installation artist Patrick Costello. Emily has worked with artists like MJ Kaufman, The Bearded Ladies Cabaret, and Mal Cherifi, and her work has been performed at venues across the US and the UK.

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