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Wig Wag

Emily Bate

September 13-September 24

60 mins



Welcome to Wig Wag: an assemblage of humans, a community choir gone off the rails, a creature with many smaller creatures inside. You are invited to soften the sharp borders around your separate self. Or not! Emily Bate — composer, community songleader and choral conductor — blends deeply accessible, participatory music for the audience, with stunning vocal acrobatics performed by a 4 person cast. Take a singing tour through the thick tangle of our interdependence.

Wig Wag is inspired by the work of scientists, philosophers and artists like Anna Tsing, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Donna Haraway, Gary Snyder, Tyson Yunkaporta and Andreas Weber, who all insist there is no split between humans and the rest of nature, and no discrete boundary around the self. Each “self” is actually a network of relationships.

Creator Emily Bate uses communal singing to make that idea come alive in Wig Wag. She is joined onstage by singer-creator-performers Sally Louise Polk, Jackie Soro and Samantha Rise, performing harmonically dense vocal music that zooms between unison and cacophony; collaboration and alienation. 

It’s a show for people who love to sing, people who “can’t sing” and those for whom both apply. Wig Wag is about collectively experiencing the impact we have on each other, and singing our way through it. (Good and bad attitudes welcome.)

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