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Wild Women Of Planet Wongo

Wild Women Of Planet Wongo

September 16-October 4

2021 Fringe Festival

1 hour 30 minutes


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The 60s sci-fi immersive musical comedy Wild Women of Planet Wongo, a wacky B-movie inspired sci-fi comedy about a planet of Amazonian women who first encounter men when two bumbling astronauts crash on their planet, is coming virtually to the Philadelphia Fringe Festival after successful productions in New York City and Chicago. Filmed at the Parkside Lounge in New York City, Wongo will be premiering on Thursday, September 16 at 8pm EST and will continue to stream all till the end of the festival on Saturday October 2.


Wild Women Of Planet Wongo is Barbarella-meets-John-Waters kind of story … An immersive musical crammed with good-natured energy and nonstop campy humor … the show is so much fun – Blogcritics.If drinks, dancing and music are your thing, Wild Women of Planet Wongo will not disappoint.” – Stage Buddy.


For more info and the secret recipe for the perfect Wongotini (the official cocktail of Planet Wongo), visit and click on PHILADELPHIA FRINGE.



Special Premiere Thursday, Sept. 16 2021 – 8:00pm
Livestream Available Sept. 16 until end of Festival



Cast: Aiesha Dukes, Maya Hana Evans, Miki Hellerbach, Jenna Marcello, KC Morse, Amanda Nicholas, and Howie Schaal.

Creative team includes: Steve Mackes (Book & Lyrics), Ben Budick (Lyrics), Dave Ogrin (Lyrics and Music), David Rigano (Director), Juson Williams (Choreographer), Paul Rigano (Musical Director), Amy Holson-Schwartz (General Manager), Emily Grayson (Production Supervisor/Stage Manager), Patrick Harnett-Marshall (Assistant Stage Manager), Ido Levran (Video and Sound Design), Rudy Agresta (Animations), Lisa Hufnagel (Lighting Design), Rob Dutiel (Set Design/Props), Elise VanderKley (Costumes), Marsh Shugart (Makeup and Wig Design).


Content Considerations

Appropriate for Ages 13+

Contains mild sexual situations and drug use.


About the Artists

WILD WOMEN OF PLANET WONGO is presented by Not Too Fancy Productions, a company dedicated to advancing the art of immersive musical theatre.

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