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wise norlina

Stacy Collado, Hillary Pearson, Kat J. Sullivan

Sept 18-24 2016

Runtime TBA


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IMG_20160612_082923_01A compilation of works by Stacy Collado, Hillary Pearson, and Kat J. Sullivan exploring childlike idealisms in abstracted and conceptual structures. wise norlina uses theatrical sensibilities and an interplay of various ideas to transform space, shape, color, and form.

$15 / 75 minutes

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Stacy Collado, originally from Eastern Pennsylvania, graduated in Mstacyay 2016 with a BFA in dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. There she worked with choreographers Netta Yerushalmy, Kyle Abraham, Nick Bruder, LeeSaar the Company, Shen Wei Dance Arts, Pam Tanowitz Dance, Randy James, John Evans, Julia Ritter, and Keith A. Thompson. She was also a Bates Dance Festival scholarship recipient. In the summer of 2014 Stacy was given the opportunity to travel to Istanbul, Turkey to work with choreographer Julia Ritter and director Ayrin Ersoz on an immersive dance theatre project, Frozen Dream. Stacy Collado has shown her own choreography in various venues in New York City and continues to explore dance-making. She is interested in the merging of art forms and collaboration, including music, visual art, theatre, and film. Her process works with the ideas of manipulating shape and color, and she works with her dancers to create a variety of landscapes. While maintaining a subtly ridiculous or satirical nature, Stacy is also aesthetically interested in challenging physical habits in human nature and then putting them into performance-art perspective using gesture and the functionality of the human body. Pedestrian notions and ideas are inherent and integral in the developing of her work; she is interested in creating awkward, quirky and visceral realities that might be disconnected, that contain moments in which things might be glimpsed at and abandoned, and that glorifies pedestrian nature to its very strange core. 


kat sullivanKat J. Sullivan is a dancer, choreographer, and writer currently based in Philadelphia. After graduating from Franklin & Marshall College with a degree in dance, she has worked with many companies and individual makers, including Antonia & Artists, Evalina Carbonell, and Meredith Stapleton. Her own work has been shown throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and North Carolina, notably in the Ruby Slipper Fringe Festival (NC), Triskelion’s Comedy in Dance Festival (NYC), and Koresh’s Come Together Festival (PHL). In addition to her performing and choreographic pursuits, Kat is a writer for thINKingDANCE.


Hillary Pearson is a Philadelphia based dancer and choreographer, originally from Brighton, Michigan. hillaryAt the age of 29, Hillary began pursuing her modern dance training at Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts. During her time there she worked with artists such as Stefanie Batten Bland and Julie Bour. Upon receiving her BFA in dance, Hillary has danced with Company Stefanie Batten Bland, Robert Mark Dance and Antonia & Artists. Hillary continues to choreograph through exploring the medium of film, in collaboration with other artists. Choreographically, Hillary’s aesthetic is to create movement as form, engaging with physical sensations through the interplay of various elements: repetition, momentum, relationships with the floor, and periphery. The significance of pushing the physical body and the cognitive self beyond the conventional compels her to explore movement through a lens of reverberating possibilities. Her creative objective is to offer experiences that allow for transformation within the mind and body. Within the creative process it is important for Hillary to engage with other artistic minds beside her own to create beyond the physical body. A main influence for her work and movement stems from her interest in how fashion and dance can meld together.



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