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With Flint And Steel


Sept 16 2016

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With Flint And Steel_duende

Impulse, attack, friction: a spark. Every strike creates a response and ignites motion. This performance by dancers Chloe Felesina and Gary Jeter, along with cellist Gabriel Cabezas and percussionist Ian Rosenbaum, continues duende’s intimate exploration of the point where the planned and the improvised meet.

$15 / 45 minutes

Now beginning its third season, duende is a new music and contemporary dance collective which focuses on the interaction between performers and dancers in the live realization of new scores. Co-founded by composer Alyssa Weinberg, cellist Gabriel Cabezas and dancer/choreographer Chloe Felesina, shows emphasize and equal collaboration of music and dance, exploring the creative possibilities that result from the marriage of these two disciplines.

Pictured: Gabriel Cabezas, Chloe Felesina, Edgar Anido, Emilie-Anne Gendron    Credit: Bill Hebert

Duende has produced shows in a wide range of venues including Performance Garage, Made Studios, the Print Center Gallery, and SEI Innovation Studio at the Kimmel Center in collaboration with the Curtis Institute of Music’s 20/21 Ensemble. duende (n): a quality of passion and inspiration from the Spanish duen/dueño de casa (owner of a house) From the Broad Street Review: “This performance was about a mutual collaboration and the audience’s connection to the whole experience, so neither dancers nor musicians dominated. Nothing was more indicative of this than when Felesina led members of the orchestra in a choreographed sequence of skitters, body shakes, and gestured kisses, which were accompanied by audible chuckles from the audience. Going to the theater is often a proscenium experience, so informal settings can create a less elitist atmosphere and be the catalyst for meaningful conversations about art. With their commitments to creative collaborations and bringing their audiences physically closer to the art they create, duende is not just a show but a full artistic experience; one welcomed with drinks in hand.” Read the full article here.

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