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Events WOLFCRUSH (a queer werewolf play)

WOLFCRUSH (a queer werewolf play)

ON THE ROCKS Elaina Di Monaco & Haygen-Brice Walker

September 21 at 10:30pm

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Venue TBA

small town | missing boy | slaughtered livestock | teenagers | cannibalism | Mariska Hargitay | bondage | leather | sex | werewolf sex | gay werewolf sex | so much sex | BYOB | late-night | gotta sign a waiver.

$20 / 110 minutes




ON THE ROCKS (Producer) is the collaborative works of Director-Creative Producer Elaina Di Monaco (2.5 Minute Ride by Lisa Kron, Theatre Horizon; PlayPenn Dramaturg) and Playwright-Creative Producer Haygen-Brice Walker (Playwrights’ Center Jerome Many Voices Fellow; Interact Theatre Company Core Playwright). Elaina and Haygen-Brice met during their formative undergrad years at The University of the Arts, where they were both Directing, Playwriting, and Production majors. Together, they have produced four Philadelphia fringe shows together; curated and produced two new play festivals; created a writers’ group; and drank dozens (hundreds?) of margarita pitchers in between. Haygen-Brice mostly writes and Elaina mostly directs, but the best idea always wins.

ON THE ROCKS specializes in a certain kind of deep-fried, BYOB, late-night theatrical thrill. Their work is messy, bold, unapologetic, millennial, queer, stupid, and has recently involved gallons of fake blood (this may be a phase). ON THE ROCKS’ mission is to get the Netflix lovin’ generation of millenials out of the house to see some live performance. Their audience craves risk, new ideas, foul language, a challenge, hashtags, sex, gore, and surprise. Audience members always have to sign a waiver enter the space and that allows ON THE ROCKS to do pretty much anything they want.

ON THE ROCKS is most well-known for the Dead Teenager Trilogy (Spookfish [Fringe 2015]; Birdie’s Pit Stop (and the tribe of queers who fucked everything up) [Fringe 2016]; THE GROOM’S A FAG, THE BRIDE’S A CUNT, THE BEST MAN’S A WHORE, AND THE MAIDEN OF HONOR (JUST) HUNG HERSELF IN THE CLOSET [Fringe 2017]). Their fringe shows have played to sold-out crowds in unconventional venues from a coffee shop in South Philadelphia to a church basement in West Philly.

They are consistently featured in Top Fringe Picks by Phindie and DC Metro Theatre Arts magazines. Birdies Pit Stop [Fringe 2016] was named one of the Best Plays of 2016 by DC Metro Arts and last year’s show The Groom’s a Fag…Hung Herself in the Closet was named one of the Top Ten Productions of the year by Phindie. In 2017, Broad Street Review hailed ON THE ROCKS as “the most explosive” fringe company in years. In addition to their explosive reputation, their productions tackle tough conversations, cover big themes, comment on relevant cultural events, and ask questions to the audience that the pieces don’t answer. They are using this sugar coated (read: fake-blood soaked?) package to present high-quality artistic work in a low-budget, risky, scrappy format. ON THE ROCKS isn’t going to tell you how to feel, but they won’t allow you to leave without feeling.

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