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Gunnar Montana

Sept 9 - 24 2016

Runtime TBA


The Latvian SocietyMap



Pictured: Shadou Mintrone Credit: Neal Santos



Gunnar Montana transports us once again, this time to a land where fairy tales take a wicked turn, and the innocent and optimistic stories of happily-ever-after wrought into the harsh realities of life. Let go of your fantasies and succumb to the evil that lurks under the surface of your fondest childhood memories.

$30 / 60 minutes
Sept. 23 10pm includes champagne reception with cast and crew, $40

Gunnar Montana is a Philadelphia-based choreographer and performance artist whose work has appeared in festivals across the region, including the Philadelphia FringeArts Festival and ThinkFest, as well as in several venues across the City. Infusing movement and visual arts, Gunnar’s work refuses to be defined. His artistry as a whole is an array of visual art installations, prop-based choreography, set design, costume design, transformation of atmosphere, and innovative movement, concepts, and ideas. Gunnar attended The University of the Arts, graduating in 2011 with a BFA in Modern Dance Performance and a profound interest in choreography and creative movement.

See Gunnar Montana videos here.

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