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Events Cancelled: You Listen To Me, Earth!

Cancelled: You Listen To Me, Earth!

LG Productions, with Eric Singel and Harry Watermeier

Thursday, September 10

2020 Fringe Festival

60 minutes



When struggling actor and out of work waiter Harry Watermeier was asked to interview disgraced cult filmmaker Leonard Greenfield, by Greenfield himself, no less, he was more than a little taken aback. “I couldn’t believe it,” Watermeier said in a recent interview with his mom. “Here’s Leonard Greenfield, yeah, the Leonard Greenfield – the director of The Heart of Everything, Journeyman Priest, Leonard Greenfield – asking me, Mom, me, to interview him about his career.”

Watermeier’s interview with his mom went fine, she has a newsletter or something, and Watermeier’s interview with Greenfield became the documentary You Listen to Me, Earth! Available to stream online as part of Philadelphia’s Virtual Fringe from September 10th through October 4th. The film’s construction is simple – an interview between Watermeier and Greenfield in which the once lauded filmmaker muses about film as a dying art, recounts wild stories from his salad days as the enfant terrible of avant garde cinema, and rages against critics of his never aired television pilot, You Listen to Me, Earth!

Watermeier certainly tries to appear prepared, and, at least marginally, educated, but he’s undone by nerves, a palpable sense of inadequacy, and Greenfield’s volatile attitude and fits of anger.

You Listen to Me, Earth! is, at times, a fascinating disaster. You may be unable to look away as you watch Greenfield – who was once master of his craft – fall down a pit of madness, into a dark sludge of ego, and try to pull himself into the light with grappling hooks of fury.


This event has been cancelled.


$20 general access

About the Artists

You Listen to Me, Earth! is presented by LG Productions. Eric Singel and Harry Watermeier began their collaboration only a matter of months ago, when they were both looking for something to do after there was nothing else to binge watch. As of the writing of this sentence, Eric and Harry have not yet met each other in person. Harry looks forward to meeting Eric, but no pressure, Eric.

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LG Productions, with Eric Singel and Harry Watermeier

Thursday, September 10


2020 Fringe Festival

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