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Zombies . . . with Guns

Tribe of Fools

Sept 4 - 12 2015

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Zombies... with guns_tribe of foolsA small group of humans survive the Zombie Apocalypse by the grace of God . . . and guns . . . lots of guns. The creators of Two Street and Heavy Metal Dance Fag comically shred our cultural ideas about guns. Are guns the problem? Are people the problem? What about Zombies? What about Zombies . . . with guns?




“The reason TOF decided to use zombies was to look at our attitudes around guns and other people. Artistic Director Terry Brennan said ‘Whenever you see zombies in movies or TV they act as this consequence-free bad guy. You can kill thousands of zombies and you never have to feel bad. So we decided to make our zombies funny. They’re actually characters, not just a force to be beaten back – because in life there’s no such thing as a consequence-free shooting.’ The play follows the journeys of both the humans and the zombies treating each group with similar amounts of humanity. The zombies speak in their own grunted language which is part gibberish and part silent movie slapstick. The play features TOF’s signature blend of physical comedy and parkour and combines smart, poignant observations with light-hearted comic antics.” Read more here

$15 – $25 / 75 minutes

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