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Zoom Reality TV

Suso Phizer

September 12-October 3

2020 Fringe Festival

2 hours



Audio Description

Hating Zoom . . . constant Zoom . . . world burning . . . no words? This event explores COVID era frustration and loneliness through a Nordic-style LARP, using Gestalt therapy and Psychodrama tools. Part one is a recorded interactive event, and part two is a public screening and discussion. 

Nordic LARP is a form of Live Action Role Play oriented toward emotional and political exploration, as opposed to pure fun fantasy. Yet, fun might occur. 

In Part 1 of the event, participants will do a 2 hour LARP, developing characters based on their real selves, and recording themselves throughout the event in Reality-TV style video diaries. As a group, with the help of the artist-facilitator, we will attempt to find what sorts of relationships and memories we are squeezing out of the video group chat. Then, after a few weeks, we will reconvene for a screening and discussion, reviewing our findings with the public.

The structure of the LARP takes inspiration from a variety of theatrical and therapeutic devices, including Gestalt therapy, Psychodrama, Internal Family Systems, Tavistock Group Relations, and Theater of the Oppressed.

There will be Open Captioning and Audio Description available for the public screening on Saturday, October 3.

Anyone over 18 is invited to participate. You may be especially well-suited if you are:

– Curious about your relationship to Zoom meetings

– Open to role playing (no prior experience necessary)

– Curious about recording and discussing the experience with fellow participants and an audience as a way to deepen the experience

Note: This is an interactive work and participating members are not censored so there may be disturbing content depending on what participants do. This show may contain brief graphic language.

Who is the facilitator?

Suso Phizer will be facilitating the event. Suso is an artist and social worker in training, living and working in Philadelphia, PA.

Audiences will RSVP for this free event, after which the artist will email information, instructions, and the links to participate. Up to 10 people are invited to participate in part 1. Any participants in the activity (part 1) are asked to also commit to the screening (part 2). Part 2 is open to the public. Part 1 is now sold out.

What do you need to participate?

A smartphone or a video recording device for the video diaries

Audiences interested in Part 1 need to be able to commit to attend both days: 9/12/20 9am-11am AND 10/3/20 1-3 pm


Part 1: Saturday, Sept 12 at 9am

LARP, 10 participants

Part 2: Saturday, Oct 3 at 1pm

Public Screening


Free to participate

Happy Hour on the Fringe

In this episode we talk to Suso Phizer, who will be presenting and facilitating Zoom Reality TV in this fall’s Fringe Festival. The event explores frustration and loneliness in the COVID era, as participants are invited to explore these emotions through Live Action Role Play. Join Raina and Suso as they discuss Nordic LARP, how group dynamics have shaped Suso’s work, and Love Island!

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