Festival Venues

Become a Fringe Festival Venue

Every September, independent artists fill the city of Philadelphia with artwork, performances, and events through the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

How Does The Festival Work?
Independent Fringe Festival Artists are responsible for securing their own venue to present their festival works. Artists register to participate and submit show information to FringeArts in order to be listed in the festival marketing materials and use the festival platform to sell tickets.

How Do Artists Find My Venue?
Eventotron is the artist registration platform that we utilize to collect participants information for the annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival. It is also used by other festivals in the United States and around the world. Listing your Venue on Eventotron helps touring artists unfamiliar with Philadelphia venues find information about renting your venue.

If you are interested in being listed on this platform, please go to, create a profile for your space, and make your space visible in the Venue Finder.

Artists can still use your venue in the Fringe Festival if you are not listed here, but this tools will make it simpler for artists to find you and for you to control the information that exist about your space.

Once artists are registered to participate, they must either submit their own venue information or use the registration platform, Eventotron, to view a list of potentially available venues. Venues that wish to host Fringe Festival performances and events are listed in a searchable menu.

Once the artist has contacted the venue manager and secured the venue agreement, they may list the secured venue in their tickets, web, and print materials.

Festival Ticketing

Fringe Festival Venues are NOT responsible for managing tickets or front of house staff for artists unless otherwise agreed upon.

Per the festival rules, 80% of the available tickets for every performance must be sold through FringeArts’ ticketing platform.

This means that the artist must have 80% of the available house listed online and may sell 20% of the tickets however they like. Most festival artists opt to manage 100% of their tickets through FringeArts ticketing and Box office.

Every day of the festival and before every show, the artist receives a door list of their ticket buyers in order to manage check in.

Rental Agreements and Insurance

The rental agreement between a venue and an artists is entirely the responsibility of the artist. FringeArts does not broker venue agreements. If artists need assistance finding a venue, FringeArts often provides them with a list of venues used in the past, but does not secure the agreement on the artist’s behalf.
Once the venue agreement is made, all show information and venue details are the responsibility of the ARTIST to submit. The venue is not responsible for communicating with FringeArts or submitting any information.

Benefits of Becoming an Independent Fringe Festival Venue

There are many benefits to being an independent Fringe Festival venue. They include:

  • Listing on Eventotron Venue Finder
  • Listing in Fringe festival Guide
  • Map link and listing on show ticket and web page
  • Social Media Engagement during peak festival time
  • Ticket sales managed by FringeArts Box Office
Venue Tips and Best Practices

Here are some tips and tricks we have for those new to being an independent Fringe Festival venue:

  • Fringe discounts for artists
  • Sharing costs/grouping artists
  • Helping artists market
  • Also using space for rehearsals