My first solo show. It made me swear I’d never do it to myself again. (Here I am this year, eating my words with “20 Years of 9-11”.)
This was a prose-poetry show of the different characters that inhabit one crooked psyche – mine. I’m still proud of the writing.
I did a couple of free performances as part of Frankford Ave First Fridays on 9/4. It was a real test of my concentration to have audience members drift in and out while holding the room al by myself. It was also a good barometer of the show’s artistic merit and/or entertainment value.

The venue was again Germ Books + Gallery, an intersection for subcultural and artistic exchange. Owner and operator David E. Williams was always insanely generous and never charged me a cent for using the space or writing me onto his insurance because he believes so strongly in art and artists. I would have had much less freedom to make a great product without that access to space.

Here’s to the handful of genuinely supportive venue owners out there!

Crooked House
Liz Zimmerman