We were at the “Do You Want A Cookie” event on 10th Street and were broken into small groups to enjoy several intimate performances. Our group included an elderly gentleman who looked a little frail and was using a walking stick or a crutch. We entered Adrienne Truscott’s (I believe) faux Caberet Theatre and this same gentleman was sitting front and center – right in front of me. Now, it just wouldn’t be fringe without something utterly unexpected, and when Adrienne revealed her naked lower half, with legs proudly and widely spread directly in front of his gentleman, I saw him freeze, clutch his chest and then lean to the side. to be fair we were all gasping a little in surpris. For a split second I thought he was having a heart attack, but when he didn’t move any further I realized he was utterly mesmerized. The spell was only broken when his wife/companion gave him a sharp hit on his arm that broke the spell and compelled him to look down and away from Adrienne. It took all I had not to fall off my chair laughing, and after swiftly gaining control of myself I glanced around the room and realized that everyone I could see was mesmerized, including my own husband. Well, I thought, who wouldn’t be in the presence of such a fearless & beautiful performer. Bravo Adrienne!!

Do You Want A Cookie
Amanda Butler