My first Fringe Production! I had just returned to the U.S. from getting my master’s at Trinity College Dublin, and I was all about performative tourism and soundwalks. So I wrote and produced a soundwalk and roped in a bunch of lovely, creative, and adventurous people to help make the dreaminess come true. It was located in a weird public sculpture lot near Frankford and Norris. The local kids often interrupted and eventually just watched our bizarre rehearsals.

The home venue was Germ Books + Gallery, an intersection for subcultural and artistic exchange. Owner and operator David E. Williams was always insanely generous and never charged me a cent for using the space or writing me onto his insurance because he believes so strongly in art and artists. I would have had much less freedom to make a great product without that access to space.

Here’s to the handful of genuinely supportive venue owners out there!

Beyond the Pale
Liz Zimmerman