I brought my first year students (mostly students of color) from Gettysburg College to the Fringe Festival—one shy one became part of the cast in Jeff Sobelle’s HOME–a very tall sweet African American young man named Malachi–and he was on a cloud after that. He just inhabited his role, had great stage presence, and had a magical experience–as did the rest of us watching that show- Amazing how it altered my perceptions of space. Really fantastic!

Another highlight was the one man show about Fred Hampton, done in the basement of a former (?) church. WOW! There were only I think two other audience members besides me and my class–and it was very hot. We LIVED with the actor through that experience. We felt his pain, even his sweat, and saw his blood. It was riveting, heartwrenching, and inspiring to behold. Of course when JUDAS & THE BLACK MESSIAH came out, we talked about that field trip four years and how that performance was seared into our brains and how grateful they were to know the story.

I doubt they will EVER forget these two experiences—I know I won’t!!!

Susan Russell