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FringeArts internships offer training for those whose career interests include all facets of nonprofit arts administration and management.

In addition to day to day activities, FringeArts interns have access to and can experience:

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Marketing Internship
Communications Internship
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Development and Fundraising Internship

Meet the Summer 2018 Interns

Graphic Design Intern

What are you looking forward to about your FringeArts internship?
I am looking forward to meeting the artists, performers, and curators behind these shows. As well as learning the ins and out of what it takes to bring people together through the arts.

What’s your dream vacation?
I dream to visit my father’s birthplace of Corinto, Nicaragua and travel to the places he did as a kid. It’d be great to experience a part of my heritage that I’ve only learned of through family stories.

Communications Intern

Major: Communications
University of Pennsylvania ’19

Which show are you most excited to see at this year’s Fringe Festival?
I am really excited for Le Super Grand Continental because I will be one of the dancers! I’m about to start the 11 weeks of rehearsal, and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. I also am looking forward to Humans, because I just got to see some of the shows in our Circus Festival and I am hooked.

What is your favorite song, and why?
My favorite song right now is “Ghost in the Machine” by Our Last Night. The song is about having a purpose, the mind-body connection, and being a part of something intentional. I got to see the band live this year at the TLA and it was amazing!

What do you like to do outside of this internship?
Some of my hobbies are Ultimate Frisbee, singing, and cooking my meals for the week. I have a student radio show at Penn, so I like to spend time planning my playlists and broadcasting live. I also enjoy long walks along the Schuylkill River.

Marketing Intern
Major: Marketing
Minor: Entertainment & Arts Management
Drexel University ’21

What’s the best thing about your FringeArts internship so far?
The constant presence of dogs at work is always a treat. Whenever I find myself stressed out or having an extra minute to spare it is also nice to just reach over and scratch a dog’s ear or rub a dog’s belly.

What’s your favorite spot in Philly?
Old City is always a great place to just chill. It is beautiful in general and showcases what makes Philly so special. There are numerous quiet places to just sit in the sun and it is close enough to Chinatown, City Hall, and South Street that I am never bored.

What do you like to do outside of this internship?
Singing has always been a passion of mine. At Drexel I participate in two choirs and an acapella group so I always have my fill of music, even during the summer. Aside from music I also love to play Ultimate Frisbee. After starting the sport in high school, I fell in love with the game and have continued to play whenever I am free and participate in Philadelphia’s Ultimate community actively.

Marketing Information Management Intern
Major: Art History and French
Haverford College ’20

Which show are you most excited to see at this year’s Fringe Festival?
I will sadly miss the Festival this year, but if I could I would definitely see Humans, a show by Circa Contemporary Circus. I am completely blown away by circus performances and in awe of the talent, athleticism, and artistry required to make even the most impossible tasks look easy. On the other hand, I love that regular (not professional) Philadelphians will be dancing their hearts out in Le Super Grand Continental! It is so exciting to see lots of people getting involved in the arts.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
As a child, I always thought I would be a performer (Radio City Rockette, famous Broadway star, singer in a world-famous girl band), but now I definitely see myself working behind the scenes. I’m especially interested in arts non-profits and making art enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

What are your go-to TV shows?
I like TV shows that make me laugh, and Parks and Recreation is and always will be my absolute favorite. I love it with all of my heart and could watch it over and over (actually, I’ve already done that). I also love watching reality TV for when I want a similar level of hilarity and ridiculousness.

Programming Intern
Major: Dance
Bard College ’18

Which show are you most excited to see at this year’s Fringe Festival?
Of the independently produced shows I know of so far, I’m most excited about WOLFCRUSH (a queer werewolf play) by On The Rocks. I saw their late night fringe show last year and it blew my mind – their work is beautiful, disturbing, poetic, and hilarious. FringeArts is also bringing Monica Bill Barnes’ Museum Workout to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and I cannot wait to get my groove on surrounded by some famous 20th century art!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
When I was very little, I would tell adults I wanted to be an architect because it seemed like an impressive thing to say. Now I want to be a professional modern dancer/choreographer, which also generates strong reactions from adults but not in quite the same way…

What’s your favorite spot in Philly?
In the summer, my favorite place to go and hang out is Spruce Street Harbor Park. At night with all the trees colorfully lit, you can get a fried chicken sandwich from Federal Donuts, sit out on a net over the river, play air hockey, and then finish it off with some Franklin Fountain ice cream. It’s a magical sampling of all things Philly fun.

Programming Intern
Major: Entertainment and Arts Management
Major: Business Administration
Drexel University ’19

What are you looking forward to about your FringeArts internship?
As someone who hopes to get their professional start in Philly, I look forward to expanding my network and becoming familiar with local artists and their work.

What is your favorite song and why?
My favorite song is “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey because she is the ultimate diva and that song never fails to put me in a good mood.

What’s your dream vacation?
My dream vacation is literally anywhere with a beach (clear water, not brown), by myself, where I have absolutely no obligations for at least a week.

Programming Fellow
Fulbright Scholar
Theater and drama director, BA
Turku University of Applied Sciences ’95

What are you looking forward to about your FringeArts fellowship?
I’m visiting the US (and FringeArts) until the end of September to learn what a Fringe festival is generally. My plan is to bring that knowledge to my home country Finland and start the first FINFRINGE in May 2019. So I’m looking forward to all kinds of things – fun and not fun, interesting and boring, easy and difficult. I’m also trying to reach out somehow to every department and find out what it is to organize a fringe festival from their point of view.

What’s your favorite spot in Philly?
If a whole part of the city can be a spot, then it is Mt. Airy. I live there with my family, and Mt. Airy is one of the most pleasant neighborhoods I’ve ever lived in.

What is your favorite book and why?
I’ve always been fascinated by science fiction, especially sci-fi books. My all time favorite sci-fi author is Ursula K Le Guin, who just passed away couple of months ago. Her novels, even though they take place somewhere else other than in our reality (and the main characters are not humans), tell many kinds of things about us as humans.

Production Intern
Major: Music Industry
Minor: Business Administration
Drexel University ’20

What’s the best thing about your FringeArts internship so far?
Honestly I’m learning a lot about how long it takes to plan a big festival and how much work really goes into just doing one show. There are so many details and plans that need to be taken care of months before the actual date, and I’m still wondering how people who work for Coachella or Lollapalooza manage to pull it off.

What did/do you want to be when you grow up?
I’ve always wanted to be a writer and I still do. I actually applied to a bunch of top 30 schools as an English major and I got accepted to most of them, but somehow I ended up here. The jump from English major to a music industry major is quite big, so I try to take as many literature and writing classes as I can. Not too surprisingly, now I want to write within the music industry, so I can merge the two things I find most intriguing.

What do you like to do outside of this internship?
I don’t look like it but I’m actually an avid gamer. My main game is League of Legends but I play a lot of other games as well. It sounds almost childish, to say that my favourite hobby is gaming, but it’s really a good way to wind down after classes or work and have fun.

Production Intern
Major: Communications Studies and English
Minor: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
The College of New Jersey ’19

What’s the best thing about your FringeArts internship so far?
The thing that makes this internship are the people I’ve encountered in the office and the theater. Everyone is incredibly open and welcoming, even if we’ve never had a conversation before. I feel like FringeArts is such a great representation of the Philly theater community because every single person (and dog) here is striving to make art come to life, and they’re not afraid to bring others along on that journey with them.

What are your go-to TV shows?
I’m a huge superhero nerd so I’m very into Netflix’s Marvel TV shows. I do have to say that Jessica Jones reigns supreme, but Luke Cage and Punisher are definitely up there. And then Brooklyn Nine-Nine if I ever need something a little lighter.

What are some of your hobbies?
I’m a big crafter. I knit, crochet, do some needlepoint, and even some light painting if I’m feeling it. Other than that I actively listen to somewhere over 60 podcasts and track over 40 TV shows.

Production Intern
Major: Theater
Temple University ’20

What’s the best thing about your FringeArts internship so far?
Well, everyone I know who’s taken this internship before me has praised how wonderful the team was and what a friendly, supportive work environment it was. I have to agree. From the beginning, FringeArts has been very warm and welcoming. Even on the more demanding work days this doesn’t change. Everyone seems to have each other’s back and I find that pretty remarkable.

What is your favorite movie and why?
My two all-time favorite films are A Clockwork Orange and Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. They are polar opposites in basically every way, but I find both visually stunning and equally fascinating (albeit for very different reasons). My tastes in general are very eclectic, especially in terms of theater, film, and music. But I kind of like that. It’s nice to have variety.

What do you like to do outside of this internship?
When I have down time I like to go out and explore the city. Even if I’m broke and it just means going to a park and reading for a while, it’s always nice to get outside and see more of Philly. And when I can, I love going out with friends and attending new shows and concerts.

Financial Arts Management Intern
Major: Entertainment and Arts Management
Minors: Business Administration and Theater
Drexel University ’18

What’s the best thing about your FringeArts internship so far?
I not only get to see the inner-workings of what goes into financing a not-for-profit organization, but I also get to have a hand in programming, contracts, and venue management, making this a really well-rounded experience for me.

What do you like to do outside of this internship?
Outside of FringeArts, I’m the president of the Drexel a cappella group 8 to the Bar, as well as VP of the student theater organization The Drexel Players. I also perform in a whole lot of shows at school.

What’s your dream vacation?
I would love to go to New Zealand at some point. It’s so beautiful literally everywhere, and I’m a pretty big Lord of the Rings fan, so it’d be cool to see some of those settings.

Development Intern
Major: Marketing Communications
Minor: Music and Cultural Studies
Emerson College ’19

What’s the best thing about your FringeArts internship so far?
Working with Jenn and Julie in development has been such a great learning experience but I’m also having a ton of fun too!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
When I grow up I would like to be a professional groupe, but I would settle for almost anything that involves working in the music industry.

What is your favorite book, and why?
My favorite book is The Girls by Emma Cline, and it’s great because it’s a coming of age story but it’s much more freaky than it is romantic which is really fun.

Development Intern
Major: Entertainment and Arts Management
Minor: Business Administration
Drexel University ’19

What are you looking forward to about your FringeArts internship?
I am excited to see what I can bring to the table at such a successful organization that I’ve loved since moving here! And, of course, I am excited to meet all the pups of the office.

What do you like to do outside of this internship?
I am a huge foodie and am most likely finding a new place to eat! I will try almost anything once (including pig brain, but I can’t recommend it). On my days off I’m most likely posted up in a coffee shop or trying to get someone to come with me to Green Eggs Cafe!

What are your go-to TV shows?
The Leftovers might be my favorite show ever. If you’re in the mood to cry and watch a masterpiece with amazing music, I can’t suggest it enough. However, when I’m not in the mood to have my heart broken, I love love love Queer Eye and any YouTube video I can find with Antoni in it.

Patron Services Intern
Major: Converged Media
James Madison University ’16

What FringeArts show are you the most excited about?
Stifters Dinge is going to be incredible. I can’t even imagine what the final product will look like, and the location is amazing. The whole performance will be unlike anything I’ve seen before.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
I would be a rat because they will probably survive the end of the world

You’re stranded on an island. What are 3 items you bring and why?
I would bring a pen and sketchbook (can that be one thing??), a Moka Express, and a bunch of dried lavender

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