Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2019 Fringe Festival.  Volunteers are essential to the operation of the Festival. We rely on over 100 volunteers to make sure the Curated shows at the Festival run smoothly, so we appreciate the enthusiasm and reliability you will bring to your role.  Should you choose to volunteer, you are invited to attend the performance for which you are volunteering if seats are available. If seats are not available, you will be given a voucher which you can redeem for a Curated show ticket at the FringeArts Box Office.  Volunteers who work shifts that are not directly tied to a show also receive vouchers redeemable for a ticket.

In order to volunteer, you must fill out the Festival Volunteer Form.  Before doing so, we recommend that you read the descriptions of the many roles Festival volunteers fulfill.

Come join the fun!

  • Ushers: Our volunteer ushers serve several different roles during the Festival based on the curated show’s need.  Some of the tasks they may find themselves responsible for include the more traditional roles of taking tickets and handing out programs, but ushers may also be responsible for foot traffic, making sure that audience members easily find their way to the entrance of a non-traditional venue and/or guide the audience at the performance in accordance with the nature of the show.
  • Box Office Greeters: Our greeters are often the first friendly face an audience members sees when entering a show site.  The responsibilities of the greeter include answering any questions a patron may have about the show or the Festival in general.  The greeter also directs patrons to the entrance of the venue, the box office, and the restrooms.
  • Fire Watch: This job requires volunteers to sit at fire exits and provide directional assistance in the event of an emergency that requires evacuation of the venue.  While such an emergency has never occurred at the festival this is an essential position at certain venues.
  • Parking Attendants: Sometimes Festival shows are located at venues where parking can be a challenge due to venue locations and parking restrictions.  Volunteers who work as parking attendants help to assure that cars are parking in approved spaces and that patrons in need of handicap accessible spots are able to access them.
  • Flex Volunteers: Our flexible volunteers are available for six hour shifts.  They are on call to fulfill any vacant volunteer positions, assisting the Volunteer Coordinator as needed.

All of our volunteers stay for the entirety of the event they are serving, assisting the house manager as needed and helping to clean up the space after the event has ended.

Email us if you would like to receive updates about opportunities. 


FringeArts is proud to pilot a new Teen Volunteer program for the first High Pressure Fire Service festival, thanks to a partnership with the Philly STAMP Pass program and the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. Our teen volunteers are ambitious, engaged young students from all over Philadelphia who care about art and art institutions. For each show in our High Pressure Fire Service festival, one weekend performance is designated as the Teen Volunteer show, in which high school students are the first faces our patrons meet, taking their tokens, ushering folks to their seats, and distributing programs. Teen volunteers arrive early for their shift for a pre-show discussion with a FringeArts staff member about the themes and questions of the show, and stay after for a post-show conversation facilitated by a Philly STAMP Teen Council member.

If you are a high school student interested in participating in the Teen Volunteer program, please contact volunteer@fringearts.com