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2023 Philadelphia Fringe Festival

The 2023 Fringe Festival runs September 7–24! Tickets are on sale NOW!

Wig Wag

A show for people who love to sing, people who “can’t sing” and those for whom both apply. Wig Wag is about collectively experiencing the impact we have on each other, and singing our way through it (good and bad attitudes welcome). September 13th-24th.

Rose: You Are Who You Eat

A true story of gender cannibalism set to music. September 14th-23rd.

Make Bank

For a brief time during the 2023 Fringe Festival, guests are invited to join a band of currency-crazed visual and performing artists as they occupy The Manufacturers’ National Bank in Old City. September 15th-29th.

Rhythm Bath

Renowned choreographer Susan Marshall and Tony Award-winning set designer Mimi Lien combine forces to create an immersive and inclusive dance installation developed in conversation and collaboration with neurodiverse individuals and communities. September 17th-24th.


FEASTIVAL returns to FringeArts this fall for a day filled with food from Philly’s greatest chefs to celebrate the culinary and performing arts!

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Check out our partner restaurant, Fringe Bar, for good times and good eats!

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Thursday, October 19


The Very Moon: A Steampunk Musical

A new musical from members of the Disco Biscuits

January 17-January 20


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