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 UPDATED 2020 Fringe Festival Artist Deadlines

 The 2020 Fringe Festival will run September 10 – October 4.

Monday, February 3 – Venue Registration Open on
Venue managers can now register their venues to be listed in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival database! Simply make an account and add your venue.

 March 2 -June 22 – Artist Registration Open on
Create an account on Eventotron, and submit your registration for the 2020 Fringe Festival!

June 22 – Step 1: Artist/Company Profile Due & In-Person Performance Proposals Due
Create your artist profile to be featured on our FringeArts App

Deadline for Proposals of Intent to present any non-digital, in-person performances. FringeArts will be keeping in close contact with any artist planning on presenting work in a non digital format to ensure safety of audiences and artists.

July 6– Step 2: Fringe Festival “Guide” Listing Due
Create your listing for the 2020 Fringe Festival print piece and 

Presentation Method
Show Description
Show Image
Dates & times

July 13 – Step 3: Marketing, Web, PR Due
Create your web page by submitting additional images, a long description of your show, and any content considerations. provide necessary links to access digital works

Monday, August 3 – Step 4: W-9 (for ticketed performances)
For ticketed events, submit your  necessary tax docs in order to receive box office income. 

Monday, October 12 – Step 5: Reconciliation, Box Office & Survey Due
You did it! Time for some post Festival reconciliation! Submit your attendance numbers and answer a few questions about participating in the 2020 Festival.

2020 Registration Options

Independent artists are among some of those most impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic, and FringeArts is doing what we can to support artists in this difficult time. We have made the decision to waive registration fees for the 2020 Fringe Festival, save for a $20 processing fee that goes directly to our new registration platform, Eventotron. This $20 is refundable, should you have to cancel your show prior to June 15.

This year, we will be splitting Fringe Festival programming into several presentation methods based on audience experience:

  • Live Stream Watch – Stream at a certain time, users can interact in chat with moderators and watch content communally 
  • Live Stream Interactive – Cameras on, audiences are a part of the piece, beyond the chat function. Audience as participant with the option for non-participating viewers. Can include workshops. (Ex. Chaos Theory) 
  • Available Anytime – Videos, tours, podcasts, galleries, etc posted online. Work that is always available and can be accessed at the audience’s leisure. 
  • IRL (In Real Life)Safely social distanced performances/events that occur in person. Artist must submit a proposal for any in-person performances. Can include digital works that ask the audience to leave their home to experience the work. (Ex. Emergency Contact

All Registered Fringe Festival presentations receive 

  • Listing on FringeArts website
  • Listing in Fringe Festival Guide
  • Listing on FringeArts App
  • Year-long FringeArts Artist Membership
  • Access to Events and Opportunities exclusively for Fringe Festival Artists
  • Digital marketing resources
  • Box Office Services for ticketed and RSVP events and workshops
  • Access to one on one support from FringeArts staff

Events & Updates

Throughout the year, we’ll be updating this page with upcoming artist events and opportunities.

Fringe Festival Virtual Artist Town Hall
Thursday, May 28 at 5pm
Watch the recording here.

Topics addressed:

  • Changes to the 2020 Fringe Festival
  • New registration platform for independent artists and deadlines
  • Guidelines around performance options, platforms, and ticketing
  • Questions from artists

Stay tuned for details on our next town hall! Read the FAQs from the town hall below:

How will FringeArts link to independent artists’ live-streams or digital content? Will all of this be hosted on the same platform, or linked to wherever it is hosted?

FringeArts is not dictating any specifics around what platform artists use to present their work. We will make all those links available—either on the event page on or via email, depending on how the event is being ticketed. Our website will be like a TV Guide for all digital content, and we’ll make sure that audiences are aware of when time-based instances are occuring.

For in real life (IRL) pieces, is FringeArts able to help independent artists navigate permits? Say, related to COVID-19 or in general, with pieces that might take place in a public space like a park?

Our partners in the city would be able to help with those permits. Please keep in mind that FringeArts will not be directly getting those permits for artists, but we will absolutely be able to advise you on permits. Of course, if permits are given at that time depends on the conditions so we’ll all have to be very on top of any changes. We will be sharing more details as the city develops additional guidelines, as well as developing our own FringeArts will work very closely with all artists presenting IRL pieces to ensure they are presented in the safest way possible.

Live performance tickets for Fringe shows have been anywhere from $10 to $40 to free. How much do you anticipate independent artists should charge to see a digital video? More broadly, what does ticket pricing look like this year?

As always, independent artists are welcome to set their own ticket prices. Though, if they would like to be advised on what ticket prices should be, we’re happy to provide some advice on pricing. We have seen that digital performances with a fixed ticket price have less attendees than those who have a suggested donation or pay-as-you-wish policy. However, we do want artists to get paid because your work has incredible value. So, independent artists should think about what works best for them and their piece.

What would cause the Fringe Festival to cancel? Is there a possibility for it to be canceled later down the line?

Right now, we can’t imagine a scenario in which we don’t do the 2020 Fringe Festival. However, if there was a resurgence of the COVID-19 in which the state mandated stay-at-home orders then there is a possibility that any IRL (in real life) Fringe Festival shows could be canceled. Regardless, digital work would continue to be presented.

Will FringeArts be sharing specific guidelines for in real life (IRL) performances. If so, when will those guidelines be available?

Once all the IRL applications are received (due June 22) and we have more of an idea of what artists are planning to present, we will set general parameters and then update those constantly as the news changes.

In light of the application being pushed back, to what extent might other deadlines be pushed back?

Some of the other deadlines have shifted. You can find all the new deadlines on the Artist Resource section of our website, and they are also reflected in Eventotron,the registration platform. Registration closes on June 22.

For an original play (digital performance), should the proposing artist be: the playwright or the actors?

The person who fills out the application should be the main contact on the project, oftentimes in a producer role. The main contact does not have to be the same as your “Artist Name” listing for public-facing content.

How will venue sign-up work in Eventotron?

Eventotron has an information collection system for venues. So, not only as an artist do you register your show, but you can also apply and submit your venue to a specific festival. Venues can fill out those applications and you will be added to a list of venues that will be available for the festival. Of course, this year it is a little difficult because the majority of artists will not be utilizing a venue and we aren’t asking them to shop for venues in the way that we normally do. If you are offering some sort of specific service using your venue, please reach out to Fringe Festival Coordinator April Rose at 


How will the guide work and what will the distribution of the guide look like?

We will still have a print piece, but it won’t look like the guide that we are used to. We will still be distributing the guide, though not in the way that we have in previous years. We will have more updates on the guide in our next town hall. However, marketing for this year’s festival will be heavily digital and online.

Will there be digital scratch nights [works in progress showings] in August?

Scratch nights are usually hosted at FringeArts or at our partner The Rotunda and they usually include about five artists presenting a small portion of their show. Given the circumstances, we are discussing some digital Fringe Festival scratch nights that might include Instagram or Facebook Lives. There will be a submission process for artists to be included in those scratch nights, and we will have more info on this in the coming weeks.

When we register, do we have a specific amount of dates and times available for our digital piece? Are there any particular specifications on the number of shows where the times of the shows are happening?

There are no specifics besides the shows having to take place during the timeframe of the festival, running September 10–October 4. As long as you are within those dates, you can present as many performances as you like. Of course, we might advise on a certain amount depending on how rigorous the performance is or to maximize audience engagement, but that is up to each artist.

Will the guide be mailed to households this year? And will it list every show or only some shows?

All independent artists registered in the festival will be represented in the guide. We will be mailing a greater percentage of the guides than normal, and making the rest available for pickup at several central locations. We will also be sharing a sign-up link with artists and audiences opt in to receive a guide in the mail.

What can you tell us about insurance this year? Are there any changes that independent artists should know about?

If you are presenting a digital performance from your home, you do not need to get an insurance policy. If you are doing an IRL performance, we will be providing you with an insurance policy. It will not cover your rehearsal process, it will only cover the dates of your performances. We will be sharing more details and information on what those policies cover.

Fringe Festival Soundstage Q&A Session
Thursday, June 18 at 5pm
Watch the recording here.

FringeArts is excited to announce a new offering for independent artists, borne out of the need to adapt in-person performances into high quality digital content for safe, stay at home theatre experiences in the 2020 Fringe Festival.

The Soundstage is a small recording studio space in the FringeArts theater that is staffed by the FringeArts Master Electrician and Head of Audio. With their assistance, registered Fringe Festival artists will have two options to create their content:

  1. Live Streaming, which will take place during the Fringe Festival and will be streamed on your platform of choice
  2. Advance Recording, which will take place in the late summer
    • Artists who wish to edit this material will receive raw video and pre-mixed audio files.
    • Artists who do not want their piece edited will record their show in one take.

*Please note that FringeArts production staff cannot edit your material for you.

Each artist will have 8 hours to load-in/out, tech and film. We encourage interested artists to read through the Soundstage information before the Q&A Session to come prepared with questions. Read more about the Soundstage and how to apply here.

Fringe Festival Artist Marketing and Ticketing Town Hall
Thursday, July 2 at 5pm
Watch the recording here.

Topics to be covered:

In-Person Performance Guidelines as of right now
Marketing Support + the Fringe Festival Guide
Recommended Digital Platforms
Box Office/Ticketing Policies
Scratch Night Digital Format + Submissions

2020 Resources & Documents

FringeArts is partnering with Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts to develop educational resources and provide consultations for Independent Artists involved in the Fringe Festival.

Find out what PVLA is doing for artists during the COVID-19 and get answers to some FAQs on the PVLA website

Submit an application for pro bono legal services (all application fees waived)

To download: Right click any of the documents below
and “save target as” or “save link as.”

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