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Dance + Video: Congolese Choreographer Faustin Linyekula’s Festival of Lies

Posted September 12th, 2007

Emulating traditional music and dance festivals in Kinshasa, Faustin Linyekula’s Festival of Lies has live music, food and drink for performers and audience members, and dancers competing to perform. The dancers tell the stories of daily life in the Congo, deconstructing the consequences of political upheaval on their nation as they move through the scenic installation of urban detritus and political propaganda.

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Watch a video clip from Festival of Lies on YouTube.
In a 2005 interview with Ballet-Dance Magazine, Linyekula discussed his background and the foundation for his work: “When you’re born into a one-party system, and when you know that those in power got there by killing, terrorizing and holding hostage the majority of the population, and when (even) the United Nations recognizes such political figures as legitimate—individuals who actually cannibalized their countrymen, it makes you question everything…”

Linyekula’s unique, electrifying choreography communicates his experiences and those of his dancers to audiences with grace and determination. Festival of Lies opens at the Painted Bride this Thursday. On Thursday and Friday, Festival of Lies will have a running time of two hours. On Saturday, the performance will begin at 11pm and run until 5am, in the tradition of all night dance festivals in Kinshasa. Food and drinks will be provided (free of charge) by the African Cultural Alliance of North America. Don’t miss Festival of Lies.

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