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Free actors + Ukrainian food = clever scheme

Posted April 10th, 2008

As if the British pound weren’t nipping us in the bud even more than usual, Rotozaza of England has figured out a way to produce quality theater without paying professional actors. Why didn’t we think of this first? Etiquette takes place at Veselka Restaurant, a Ukrainian café in the East Village. In Etiquette, the audience members (there are only two for each performance) sit at a table and listen to headphones. Here, you can see Nick, our producing director, and his wife Annie during their performance. Rotozaza’s directors pipe in various instructions, telling the viewers/performers what to do and say to each other, over a pre-designed soundscape. The drama unfolds like steam rising off a pierogie. We’re hoping to bring Etiquette to the 2008 Festival–more on that soon. Click here to watch a short video on Etiquette by UrbanEye.

This message was originally posted on 1/18/08.