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Festival Staff Member of the Week: Janice Rowland

Posted April 11th, 2008

She acts for the stage and screen. She sings and writes songs about the pros and cons of drunkenness. She loves tings and she loves to talk about them using an Irish accent. When commercial flooring expos need spokeswomen, she speaks. When marketing needs to be coordinated, she coordinates. Singer/songwriter, actress, and Live Arts and Philly Fringe Marketing Coordinator Janice Rowland embodies a rare combination of talent, creative zeal, and no-nonsense work ethic. And this week, you’ll have not one but TWO chances to see her perform live with her Philly theater cohort.


This message was originally posted on 2/10/08.On Monday, Janice will be a featured musician in 1812 Productions’ “Funny Valentine,” an evening of comedy love songs at the Tin Angel, hosted by Jennifer Childs and Scott Greer. Original tunes like “Juicin’ on the Job,” and “Why I Need to be Drunk” will make you giggle and ponder the sometimes unfortunate realities of day jobs, flimsy relationships, and boozing. Tickets are $10. Show starts at 8:30.

In case you didn’t see the enormous feature story in last Wednesday’s Metro, Janice will also be performing with Azuka Theater at Woody’s on Tuesday, in an anti-Valentine’s Day happy hour event, “I Love You/I Hate You.” Azuka affiliates will put up a series of hilarious sketches based the real letters of local crazies who are featured weekly in City Paper’s “I Love You/I Hate You” section. Tickets are $10. Show starts at 5. Click here for more details.

To learn more about Janice, visit her MySpace page and join her ever-expanding network of friends and fans.

–Ellery Biddle