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PAY UP 2008

Posted April 11th, 2008

Gas is $3.23 a gallon. Cappuccinos cost $8 in France. The U.S. economy is limping around in the gutter. Isn’t it high time we examined how we spend our money? This Thursday, let Pig Iron Theatre Company give you a financial attitude adjustment when the 2005 Live Arts Festival smash hit, PAY UP, returns to the stage! OBIE-Award winning Pig Iron Theatre Company revives this choose-your-own-adventure extravaganza about monkeys, money, and the (im)possibility of contentment in a world with too many options.

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This message was originally posted on 3/24/08.Part circus, part laboratory experiment, part shopping experience, PAY UP is a pay-as-you-go, labyrinthine experiential drama, a race against the clock to pick what pieces you want to see. The customer is king and beggar too in this interactive performance piece that asks, “But–what’s it worth?” Save your George Washingtons for the show and take NJT to Montclair State University in North Jersey. PAY UP opens this Thursday, March 27 and runs through Sunday, March 30. Click here for details. It’s worth the trip.