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TODAY: the grand opening of store!

Posted September 1st, 2008

This morning, Festival friends and staff gathered at 244 South Street (across from Hats in the Belfry) for the official grand opening of Matsune + Subal’s store. Champagne was served, in addition to M and S snacks–one M&M (Matsune) and one Skittle (Subal). Passersby were drawn in as Matsune and Subal performed various products, including “Cabbage,” “Just Love,” “Rita’s Happiness,” and many others. store will be open from 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm all week long. Click below to see more photos of Matsune + Subal’s performance products.

<%image(20080901-store open web.jpg|350|263|Photo: Robin Barnes)%><%image(20080901-store suits web.jpg|350|263|Photo: Robin Barnes)%>
Pia ordered “Men’s Suits.” The suits came off and Matsune + Subal went galavanting down South Street. Good thing we didn’t get cited for public indecency!

<%image(20080901-store danielle web.jpg|350|263|Photo: Robin Barnes)%>
Danielle ordered “Just Love.” A bargain at just ten cents!

<%image(20080901-store Ritas web.jpg|350|263|Photo: Robin Barnes)%>
Carolyn ordered “Rita’s Happiness,” a brand new product created especially for Philadelphia. What a time! Matsune + Subal danced for joy outside of Rita’s. They must have been very, very happy.

244 South Street

store hours: 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm, Monday-Friday

Click here to learn more about store and Matsune + Subal.