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New Jawns

Posted May 21st, 2009

The pile of computers to the left is a part of major news (and work) around here this week – the office’s big move from Old City to its new Northern Liberties digs on North 5th Street. Leaving the old space was a little sad, but the new hood and new neighbors are proving to be pretty cool.

After the jump, photos of the surprisingly large truck you can rent with nothing but a plain old regular drivers license, chaos, and sad things our interns have to do.

Our truck was pretty huge. You don’t need a special license to rent it, so if you’re in a bad mood, pick one up and menace drivers on the Schuylkill. Actually, Melissa did a fantastic job driving this guy around:

Janice celebrates the chaos. I blog in the background:

We eat pizza. We watch “On a Boat.” We pretend these boxes have already been moved:

Carolyn bids farewell to the old office:

Nick, Pia, sledgehammer. That is all:

If you are an intern with us, it is entirely likely that you will be sent up a ladder, crowbar in hand:

Our conference room, still in development:

Finally, John approves. I think.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photos by Alice Hershey