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Checking in with Gary Garrison & THE LOOP

Posted June 2nd, 2009

We recently touched based with Gary Garrison, playwright, executive director of creative affairs for the Dramatist’s Guild, artistic director for the dramatic writing program at NYU’s Tisch School, and holder of numerous other distinguished posts. Gary also founded THE LOOP, an extremely valuable resource to playwrights for submission calls, articles about the business of playwriting and theater, and Scribbles, Gary’s off-the-cuff monthly column. Originally sent around as a newsletter, THE LOOP has a new home at, a one stop shop for playwrights. Don’t expect bells and whistles – this site is dedicated to writers. You will need to sign up to take advantage of the submission calls and other goodies.

Josh: When and why did you start THE LOOP?

Gary: Three years ago. It started as an email exchanged between myself and a handful of graduate students to answer their questions and concerns. Now it’s many thousands of people.

Josh: What do you think is most helpful about the Loop?

Gary: The submission opportunities that we cull from everywhere. I’ve been told that often the Scribbles section speaks to a lot of people in their hearts and souls, but that’s left for others to say.

Josh: How do playwrights stay relevant?

Gary: By making sure that EVERY small theatre in this country is doing at least ONE original play. Everyone should be taking one chance once a season. Also, playwrights don’t insist on their value in the creative process. We should know that we belong at the table, what we bring to the experience, and why we’re valuable to be in the room.

–Josh McIlvain