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The Weekender: What You’re Doing and Why

Posted June 19th, 2009

>>>Tonight: If you’re in New York or thereabouts, head on up to the Boogie Down Bronx for Merián Soto’s work-in-progress preview of Postcards from the Woods.
Part of the “Dancin’ in da Bronx” series at the Pregones Theater, it’s at 8:00 pm tonight. 571-575 Walton Avenue, The Bronx.

>>>Tonight: If you’re here in Philly, you are going to the 2009 Spark Showcase at Plays & Players. Hotel Obligado, which sadly closed its doors this year, had to dispose of their leftover assets and is offering a cash prize to the winner of an audience vote. So go help dole out some money! And see some new Philadelphia-generated work, too. 7:00 pm, Plays & Players, 1714 Delancey Street, Philadelphia.

>>>Saturday day: Come visit us at the 2nd Street Festival/Popped! Festival. We will be hanging at our table, shilling for the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe, and sneaking out for beers when nobody’s looking. There will be many bands (on at least two stages), much food, and possibly rain but also possibly not, so we’ve decided that weather forecasters are just jerky pessimists. Also say hi to my colleague Josh McIlvain, who co-edited and will be hawking copies of Philly Fiction 2, which includes a story by Annie Wilson, who is performing in FATEBOOK at the Live Arts Festival this fall. And the circle is complete. Saturday, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, North 2nd Street between Green Street and Germantown Avenue (really, it does start there!), Philadelphia.

>>>Saturday night: After the party is the after party, and the after party is at Fidget Space in Kensington, where you’ll find SUMMER COLLECTION, the first annual benefit for kate watson-wallace/anonymous bodies (STORE). It now runs 10:00 pm to 2:00 am, still has food and drink, still costs $10, and still has a sweet lineup: DJ Mr. Cisum, then anonymous bodies, then Martha Graham Cracker, then DJs Ian St. Laurent and Gregg Foreman to help you while the night away. 10:00 pm, 1714 North Mascher Street, Philadelphia.

–Nicholas Gilewicz